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Sunday 25 December 2022

Merry Christmas

Sunday 11 December 2022

Happy Sunday

by Poornima Singh

Sunday 4 December 2022

How to do Meditation

Meditation to Show Gratitude

A beautiful and blessed morning to each one of you!

Sit straight and take a long deep breath and feel that you received a bunch of energy inside you. Now exhale very slowly experiencing enormous calm. Repeat this exercise and imagine that you are sitting in beautiful place surrounded by all the blessings of nature. With every breath that you inhale experience the aroma of fresh air, calm music of the flowing waters, morning melody of the birds and softness of lush green grass. With each breath that you exhale express gratitude to the Almighty who has bestowed us with bounties of nature that gives us life in form of ripe fruits, fresh water, air to breathe, plants and herbs. The current situation we are thrust in, is a blessing in disguise which has let the nature replenish itself and regain its vitality. Same we can do to our health, our relations, our thoughts and actions.
Every morning as you wake up look at your hands and say thanks for the million little things they do for you. Express gratitude to your parents for providing for a worthy and respectable life. Say ‘Thank you’ for countless blessing in your life in various and beautiful forms.
The best way to express gratitude is to bring a smile on somebody’s face, make someone happy. The happiness you receive in return is immeasurable. Begin your day saying ‘Thanks’ and go to bed saying ‘Thanks’  Have a beautiful day ahead.

by Poornima Singh

Meditation Video

Sunday 20 November 2022

Good morning

by Poornima Singh

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Life is beautiful

However, It's beautiful !

Strifes stopping way
Whirls not giving way
It's so very stressful,
However, it's beautiful.

I suffered huge loss
childhood reminiscent
unchecked youthful
However, it's beautiful.

Race isn't yet complete
Milestones yet to reach
A Journey worth repeat
Yes, sure it's beautiful.

                                                                       by Poornima Singh

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Happy Dussehra

Happy Vijaydashmi 



by Poornima Singh


They They called it foolish I was ignorant They called it immaturity I was innocent They called it outrage When I raised a quest...