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Thursday 23 February 2017

Education with emancipation

Education with Emancipation

 Education should be coupled with a vision to render academics a motive: the motive to achieve excellence with culture, success with humility, and education with emancipation. I dream to facilitate the environment to our children, “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”

 Education is just like a big tree branching off far and wide to provide Humanity with the fruits of knowledge. Its soothing effects bless the people burnt with scorching heat of miseries. Without the tree of education this world is a desert of burning sand sans any streak of relief. Its roots stretch out within the ground and enable it stand tall and proud against despair and degradation. Housed with millions of creatures it’s an ultimate abode where parched souls get new wings of hopes and soar into new horizons. Even after the tree is cut, its roots remain there sprouting with new hopes of renaissance, awakening and revolution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Real education brings forth emancipation – emancipation from ignorance and whims, fear and frailty. Education with emancipation would create a new world where all the birds will have wings to pursue any course they wish to. Young lambs will have a clear vision about their destination. They won’t follow the herd and the word. The innocent doves will hear the strains of their heart clearly. Ducklings will wade to their own tunes. There won’t be any restriction on the flight of pigeons. Fancy will have its way and ingenuity will soar high in the vast sky of success. Fright, retreat and deceit will be known to none. All will be guided by one vision – Vision of Education with Emancipation; Emancipation from all the miseries, vices and ignorance.                                                                          
Such dream I dare to have and pray the Almighty to impart us the strength. I seek His grace and blessings to bring this dream into reality and the posterity shall soar higher and higher in the firmament of education.

 - Poornima Singh

Sunday 19 February 2017

There is a monster

Monster of Procrastination

Through this blog I would like to address the monster of escapism. I would address the people, especially the children who are constantly chased by the monster when they escape or postpone their works, studies or assignments. They keep doing things that they wish to – playing, reading books, watching TV, hanging around or whatever they come across. They think there is enough time to study or prepare for their Assignments. Here, I am talking about the monster of procrastination or delaying the tasks. 

We feel, and sometimes the people too, mistake to think that they are having a good time while escaping their duties and delaying their jobs. But trust me, they aren’t. While they play with their friends, the monster follows them and taps on their shoulder saying, “You have got S. St. project to do.” They try to avoid the monster saying, “I will do it tomorrow.” This monster is nothing but their own constant thought or fear of pending works or avoiding assignments. 

The only way to shoo away the monster is to stop, turn around, look into the frightening eyes of monster and face it bravely. In most of the cases children don’t do it. They choose the easy way of running away. Time is equally wicked monster; it attacks you when you are not prepared. They never realize how and when the last day of project submission has arrived. It is S. St. period and the teacher enters smilingly but they could see the monster sneering in her face. She starts demanding projects and they are left praying to God either to bring a Tsunami or make the teacher disappear from the scene. But, the time for them to do anything has slipped away. Now, it’s the time when the teacher has got to do whatever she decides…..... and it depends……. 

Often, the children face such situations. Not only children but all those who are diseased with the habit of avoiding duties or shifting their work onto the future dates. The monster of pending works always haunts them. What is desired is to gather courage, stop running away and face it. We should start doing ‘first things, first’. After completing the tasks, we can discover a new beautiful world where everything is meant for us to enjoy. Some would say that the tasks are never done. I agree, while doing our works regularly also we can enjoy ourselves but with pending works we can’t, ….. certainly not.

We all appreciate the children who have got a great sense of responsibility and who have always been a big helping hand to their parents, teachers and peers. Such children are bestowed with all the praises and blessings, they have many friends, too. They are ever ready to take up new tasks and challenges, as they don't have a pile of pending tasks. And you may ask them how beautiful the world is for them where there is no monster. 

                                                                                                                       -  Poornima Singh


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