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Sunday 6 May 2018

Is real happiness a myth?

Pursuit of Happiness

Real happiness is the most attractive trophy which tempts all and forces all to run madly after it. A roe springs up at the fragrance coming from its own naval and runs wildly in search of that fragrant thing, but in vain. How foolish that animal seems to be! I used to muse over the possible sources of happiness so that I might not have to run madly after it, like a roe.

In my childhood, I read about ‘Mirage’ where at a distance the sands shining in the sun delude the traveller to be the sparkling water and it proves to be optical delusion, later. While studying, I read a beautiful Hindi article ‘Anand ki Khoj; Pagal Pathik’ by Rai Krishan Das, it struck the right cord of my senses and I understood, very soon that I am on a wild goose chase. Once our life may be over but our quest for happiness won’t. To get happiness one is ready to go through all sorts of agonies and sufferings. What a juxtaposition of opposites!

Why do we fail to understand what we really want and what is the real happiness? Often, we make a wrong judgement that happiness is something which can be achieved by hoarding material means, and it is another illusion. Money, of course, its magic is far more strong than all other allurements. It catches hold of man’s very soul so firmly that he forgets what his spirit is craving for? Many times the question of real happiness is also blown away in the strong winds of monetary needs and the prospect of financial security consumes man’s entire life.

There may be many possible sources of happiness. If we had been Wordsworth, we would have enjoyed perfect felicity in the lap of nature. Seeing a rose our heart opens up all its folds. The sight of a bubbling cataract makes us fulfilling. The strains of music transport us to heaven. Any kind, compassionate and selfless action purges our soul.

If our heart is pure and sublime, it can bless us with divine rapture. There is natural tendency of joy that it gets doubled, if shared with others. Make others happy, your lips will automatically expand into an ever-widening smile. The key to happiness is purity of heart, sublimity of emotions and nobility of soul. Whatever we do, we should do it with sincere efforts and pure intensions.

Spiritual happiness is true happiness. We ought to know how to make our spirit or soul happy. Our soul is the substance and body is air; soul is the end and body is the means. We should consume our body to please our soul. Christ too, had allowed extreme torments on his body for the resurrection.

Last, but not the least we should lead a meaningful and purposeful life. If you have found the purpose of life, there won’t be the need of finding happiness. The purpose of your life would become the substitute for happiness.

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