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Sunday 6 May 2018

Is real happiness a myth?

Pursuit of Happiness

Real happiness is the most attractive trophy which tempts all and forces all to run madly after it. A roe springs up at the fragrance coming from its own naval and runs wildly in search of that fragrant thing, but in vain. How foolish that animal seems to be! I used to muse over the possible sources of happiness so that I might not have to run madly after it, like a roe.

In my childhood, I read about ‘Mirage’ where at a distance the sands shining in the sun delude the traveller to be the sparkling water and it proves to be optical delusion, later. While studying, I read a beautiful Hindi article ‘Anand ki Khoj; Pagal Pathik’ by Rai Krishan Das, it struck the right cord of my senses and I understood, very soon that I am on a wild goose chase. Once our life may be over but our quest for happiness won’t. To get happiness one is ready to go through all sorts of agonies and sufferings. What a juxtaposition of opposites!

Why do we fail to understand what we really want and what is the real happiness? Often, we make a wrong judgement that happiness is something which can be achieved by hoarding material means, and it is another illusion. Money, of course, its magic is far more strong than all other allurements. It catches hold of man’s very soul so firmly that he forgets what his spirit is craving for? Many times the question of real happiness is also blown away in the strong winds of monetary needs and the prospect of financial security consumes man’s entire life.

There may be many possible sources of happiness. If we had been Wordsworth, we would have enjoyed perfect felicity in the lap of nature. Seeing a rose our heart opens up all its folds. The sight of a bubbling cataract makes us fulfilling. The strains of music transport us to heaven. Any kind, compassionate and selfless action purges our soul.

If our heart is pure and sublime, it can bless us with divine rapture. There is natural tendency of joy that it gets doubled, if shared with others. Make others happy, your lips will automatically expand into an ever-widening smile. The key to happiness is purity of heart, sublimity of emotions and nobility of soul. Whatever we do, we should do it with sincere efforts and pure intensions.

Spiritual happiness is true happiness. We ought to know how to make our spirit or soul happy. Our soul is the substance and body is air; soul is the end and body is the means. We should consume our body to please our soul. Christ too, had allowed extreme torments on his body for the resurrection.

Last, but not the least we should lead a meaningful and purposeful life. If you have found the purpose of life, there won’t be the need of finding happiness. The purpose of your life would become the substitute for happiness.

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Monday 30 April 2018

Love is a wonderful gift of life

           A Gift of Love

Once LIFE smiled upon me
And asked, “What do you want –
A palace grand or a magic wand,
Just tell me, and I will grant.”

I mused over for a moment
And reflected what I intend –
A bond that lasts forever
Or the love that is lost never
Or a laugh that tickles me whole
Or a tear that purges my soul,
Unable to choose I kept quiet
Couldn’t pick what is right.
Then, had an urge to ask for love
That doesn’t diminish ever,
“Grant me with the naive wish
And bless me with love forever.”

With an enchanting glance
And an unfading smile
She gleamed at me 
And uttered after a while,

“Love is a miracle untold
With blessings in manifold,
Will bless you in abundance
With content and happiness,
Would bring you eventually
A life full of felicity 
And peace perpetually,
The depth of divinity,
A heart brimming with 
An immeasurable bliss
And make you the richest 
With treasurable riches.
                                                          -      Poornima Singh

Thursday 19 April 2018

Man is a natural product

Man is Nature's Product

Man is a part of nature which is a beautiful and phenomenal manifestation of God’s designs. Everything in nature behaves in its own way    the way it is created by God.  It is nature of water to flow down wherever it finds way. It originates on the lofty mountains and flows down to the deepest point it gets. Smoke that takes birth on ground goes high in the sky. The clouds float in the atmosphere. Seeds germinate under earth and sprout out to take the form of a tall tree. Every entity in the universe behaves in its peculiar fashion.
Man also, being a part of nature, tends to behave the way God has created him.  God has created man to love, to give and to forgive that’s why he is happy when he loves, gives and forgives. If you hate someone, you will be more sorrowful and morose than the person whom you hate. The other person may not be affected or saddened as he doesn’t have anything in his heart. Human heart is just like a blossom which blooms fairly in clean atmosphere and healthy conditions. Our heart stays happy and healthy in the clean air of loving and positive emotions. You can never be happy, peaceful and satisfied if you have had a fight with someone and still keep anger for him even if you have given him two blows in return of one. Think of it when you are going through such moments, you will get the answer.
Example is better than precept. Let me discuss it further with an example. A bottle is created to store water. If you don’t fill it with water, what does happen? Air takes place. But, the bottle is created to keep water in it. Fill the water or some other substance, which is important and meaningful for the bottle, air will go out automatically.
Man is also like a bottle. He is created to perform some meaningful and important task. If he is not involved in any meaningful, important and useful works, wasteful ideas or negative thoughts may take place. Here the saying ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’ that I heard in my childhood, goes well. Negative thoughts are very powerful and obstinate. They can’t be removed easily just like the air in an empty bottle. You can’t simply take the air out. Very simple and easy way to remove air is to fill the bottle with water and air will leave the space itself. The same applies with us. Extracting negative thoughts from your mind is not an easy task. The better way is to fill your mind with positive thoughts by engaging yourselves in meaningful and important purposes. The airy things will disappear themselves.
Understand the designs of God and know the purpose for what you are created and sent on this earth. Involve yourselves with meaningful tasks and you will get to know why you are sent on the earth and serve the purpose with which you are created by God.

by Poornima Singh

Monday 5 March 2018

All the Best for Board Examinations

Dear children I wish all the students from class X and XII appearing for Board examinations good luck. 

May you all overcome your apprehensions, anxiety and nervousness and attempt the questions with confidence and clarity of thought. Apply your knowledge and write the answers accurately, precisely and coherently. 

Believe in yourself and give your best. 

Leave the rest on Providence. 

God bless you all abundantly. 

Sunday 4 March 2018

Magic Lamp

My Magic Lamp

I have got a Magic Lamp. Have you got yours? Let me help you find the one as everyone has got a magic lamp.

Each life is a beautiful gift of God and each person is a unique bundle of talents. ‘Each child is special’ and is unparalleled and incomparable in his/her unique fashion. In fact, everyone is a miracle of God as among millions and millions of souls each one’s DNA is unique and different from that of others. I wish to become the mouthpiece of each and everyone who believes and wants to assert that he/she is a great miracle.

All must have heard the story of Aladin and his Magic Lamp. Do you believe in the story? ................ I do. I believe that everyone has got a magic lamp of his own. But, very few people know where it is lying and rusting. It is right there in every one’s head; one’s brain which is no less than a magic lamp. All that we need to do is to recognise it, rub it, remove the rust, ………and there will appear a Genie who will ask, “Tell me, my lord, what do you seek? ………. and it will be granted.” I do believe that our brain is no less than a genie and can get us whatever we seek. Our brain is the greatest power house in this universe; its power won’t be exhausted ever. On the contrary, its efficiency increases with its use. So, rub your magic lamp (brain) and never let it rust.

One more important thing is that if you don’t use it, it will stop working. If your brain is not habitual of working, it won’t work in the time of urgency because you let it rust most of the time and thus, its efficiency slows down. Our brain is the greatest miracle of God and we can’t even imagine the level of its capacity. The researchers and scientists say that we can hardly use our brain up to 20% of its capacity. The more you use it, the more it will grow and you can achieve anything you wish to seek. 

Recognize the miraculous power of this human machine and honour it by utilizing to the optimum level. Let’s all thank God for making us enormously capable and miraculously wonderful. Let’s all join in the ‘Celebration of the Self’.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Poornima Singh


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