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Sunday 4 March 2018

Magic Lamp

My Magic Lamp

I have got a Magic Lamp. Have you got yours? Let me help you find the one as everyone has got a magic lamp.

Each life is a beautiful gift of God and each person is a unique bundle of talents. ‘Each child is special’ and is unparalleled and incomparable in his/her unique fashion. In fact, everyone is a miracle of God as among millions and millions of souls each one’s DNA is unique and different from that of others. I wish to become the mouthpiece of each and everyone who believes and wants to assert that he/she is a great miracle.

All must have heard the story of Aladin and his Magic Lamp. Do you believe in the story? ................ I do. I believe that everyone has got a magic lamp of his own. But, very few people know where it is lying and rusting. It is right there in every one’s head; one’s brain which is no less than a magic lamp. All that we need to do is to recognise it, rub it, remove the rust, ………and there will appear a Genie who will ask, “Tell me, my lord, what do you seek? ………. and it will be granted.” I do believe that our brain is no less than a genie and can get us whatever we seek. Our brain is the greatest power house in this universe; its power won’t be exhausted ever. On the contrary, its efficiency increases with its use. So, rub your magic lamp (brain) and never let it rust.

One more important thing is that if you don’t use it, it will stop working. If your brain is not habitual of working, it won’t work in the time of urgency because you let it rust most of the time and thus, its efficiency slows down. Our brain is the greatest miracle of God and we can’t even imagine the level of its capacity. The researchers and scientists say that we can hardly use our brain up to 20% of its capacity. The more you use it, the more it will grow and you can achieve anything you wish to seek. 

Recognize the miraculous power of this human machine and honour it by utilizing to the optimum level. Let’s all thank God for making us enormously capable and miraculously wonderful. Let’s all join in the ‘Celebration of the Self’.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Poornima Singh

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