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Monday 30 April 2018

Love is a wonderful gift of life

           A Gift of Love

Once LIFE smiled upon me
And asked, “What do you want –
A palace grand or a magic wand,
Just tell me, and I will grant.”

I mused over for a moment
And reflected what I intend –
A bond that lasts forever
Or the love that is lost never
Or a laugh that tickles me whole
Or a tear that purges my soul,
Unable to choose I kept quiet
Couldn’t pick what is right.
Then, had an urge to ask for love
That doesn’t diminish ever,
“Grant me with the naive wish
And bless me with love forever.”

With an enchanting glance
And an unfading smile
She gleamed at me 
And uttered after a while,

“Love is a miracle untold
With blessings in manifold,
Will bless you in abundance
With content and happiness,
Would bring you eventually
A life full of felicity 
And peace perpetually,
The depth of divinity,
A heart brimming with 
An immeasurable bliss
And make you the richest 
With treasurable riches.
                                                          -      Poornima Singh

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