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Thursday 28 September 2017

Can you trust?



Wild wind blew harder
Knowing no direction,
Following no milestones,
Taking its own course;
Roaring in the valleys,
Rafting over the seas,
Soaring in the mountains,
Sweeping the wide plains,
Rustling with the leaves
Ringing with the streams,
Singing through the harps
playing with the sands,
I saw all the nature in unison
In harmony following the ONE.

There is a wild world
Running like the mad herd,
Confused in hue and cry,
Fleeing away far and wide,
Smiling in others’ woes,
Friends faking as foes
Crying over the loss,
Making high over the fuss,
Crying with crocodile tears,
Selling neighbour’s leftovers,
Clinging to the dead remains
Over using the smart brains,
Warming oneself over other's pyre
Or caressing with a fake smile.

HE saw them running wildly
In all directions blindly
HE called them and said,
“Why do you run away?
Where will you go?
Don’t you believe in me?
Do you have better option?
Come to me; I will protect you
You are my children; I, your father
Have faith in your worship.”
Man Said, “Everything you say is alright,
But I can’t take any chance.”
And ran in bewilderment
                                                             HE stood in amazement.                                                               
                                                                                                                   - Poornima Singh 

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