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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Education : The Road To Civilization

Dear all,

 Dreams expand our lips into a wide and innocent smile and stretch our expressions into a cute angle. Everyone has a dream in his life and he flutters like a scroll of paper to be straightened until that dream becomes a reality. As a teacher I have a dream; a dream of Ravindranath Tagore ‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’. I have dreamt of a world of pride, happiness and contentment for the children. To reach out to this world is not impossible. I proudly shoulder the responsibility of illuminating this ignorant world and immersing this world into the aroma of self-revelation. Being successful in one’s profession is easier but being successful in his personal and social life is really a task.
            I have dreamt to enable the students to acquire worth (Patratam) which is attained through education. In Hindi we say, “Vidya dadati vinayam, vinayam dadati patratam.” A humble man always becomes worthier. An educated man should be judged through his behaviour and his ways of living. Having good academic record doesn’t certify that one is educated in real sense. A good training makes a man an efficient engineer, physician, architect etc. but right education is what makes man a good human being to rely upon and a good citizen to be lived with. Education is not about clearing exams, it’s the essential character of a man as ‘Knowledge is the peculiarly human prerogative.’ Education elevates man from the state of being an animal that cannot be trained to the extent of civilization and virtuousness. 
            Being among the children for most of the time I’ve been watchful and thoughtful about the children’s behavior, their expectations and their problems.  Every day we face a kind of struggle in the family – virtual or real. Parents accuse the kids and the kids blame their parents for everything. Parents think that children don’t respect their elders and don’t listen to them while children say that the elders don’t understand them. Parents want control and children expect freedom. Diverse expectations and misunderstanding from both the sides lie deep in the root of woes. Right education is the answer to all the conflicts of life.

            To get education simple and straight course is to go to school with pure intention and the honest desire to get education only, to know oneself and this world, and not to become an engineer or a doctor. Knowledge should be a man’s unquenchable thirst as Persian poet Sadi says, “Like a taper one should melt in the pursuit of learning.” Right education is the only key to unlock the mysteries of real happiness. Moral upliftment, social upgradation and spiritual elevation are the higher goals of education. These words seem to look weighty but they are easy ways to find true happiness and live a contended life. Education can make these seemingly impossible goals happen in reality. Such a world I have dreamt for the children where they shall always live a happy, successful and noble life. I have laid emphasis on psychological and philosophical education and given preference to education of humanities. I sustain the opinion, ‘First understand the self, then follow the fashion of human life; conquer yourself and this world will be yours.’ Then only we can tell this universe that Homo sapiens are the noblest and the ablest creation by the Omnipresent.   
Thank you        
 - Poornima Singh

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