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Saturday 28 December 2019

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Life is fast and furious, at the same time, boisterous and beautiful. But, we often fail to realise this. We keep thinking that we have so many tasks to do, so many targets to achieve or responsibilities to perform and afterwards, we will enjoy life. In the course, we hardly realise when and how the sands of time have slipped away from our fist. 

We are often engaged in adding cream to the cake of our endeavours, and forget to taste the real life. Often engrossed in our daily routine, we fail to reflect upon the things that actually give us inner happiness. By the time, we realise this mistake, we have gone too far and the journey is about to end.

We are too preoccupied in hoarding material things that we don't get out of our small worlds to enjoy the little miracles happening around us, every moment. We fail to observe the beautiful nature, colourful flowers, floating clouds and twinkling stars that add to the beauty of life. We forget to feel the soft blow of wind on our face and capture the golden dawns and the silky twilights.

In the mad race of our daily mundane routine, we tend to ignore the most fulfilling experience of spending quality time with our family and friends. How many of us can claim to have spent fun and frolic filled days with the family and friends in recent days? It is often claimed that all our struggle and strife is meant for our children; these twinkles of our eyes, too get ignored. The worst part is that we try to load them, also with material things rather than the shower of our pure love and the quality time. 

It is visibly reflected, too in the behaviour of our children who get involved in these material gifts so much that they hardly care for our company. In this era if we provide our children with smart phone with unlimited data, they hardly think of spending time with us and take all our love, care and concern for granted. 

No amount of money can replace the value of human touch. Same goes for other family members; be one’s spouse, parents or friends.

We need to pause a little, live and be grateful for the bounties of life. We might get many chances in our life but life, itself is one beautiful chance to be lived, loved and enjoyed.

Diabetes - an enemy in disguise

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Happy Birthday

The Eighteenth Birthday

The bubble of my joy
Cute, cuddle and coy
Used to charm with her chatter
Resonate house with a clatter
Kept me busy with her play
Danced to her tune all day
Asking improbable questions
Painting her world of dreams
Playing with dolls, my doll
Couldn’t catch, when grew tall
And how days slipped to this day
And my doll turned eighteen today

A reflection of my heart,
An ardent lover of art,
A shimmering ray of mirth
A sweet morsel of my heart
Sparkled my life bright
When clutched me tight
 With hold of her soft hands
I sailed into heaven
Her million silky giggles
 Bestowed bliss of motherhood
My own gracious reflection
Grew into an innocent maiden

I rejoice this day
Her eighteenth birthday
I love you my darling
Pour out fondest blessing
May she embrace
All the bounties of life
The riches of this world
May sparkle her life
Agony shan't touch upon her
Grace of God may ever be on her
May she live a thousand year
And I will live on, in her.

                                           -  With fondest love mumma

Diabetes - an Enemy in Disguise


They They called it foolish I was ignorant They called it immaturity I was innocent They called it outrage When I raised a quest...