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Tuesday 2 June 2020


Let It Go

The grains of sand
Glittering in my hand
As I held tight,
Sparkled bright
Bidding me goodbye
Slipped from my finger
With a twinkle in the eye,
Could clinch no longer.

Smiling secretly
Said to me slyly,
‘Let it go,
Just let it go.
Life is not to hold
Show must go on.
Be little bold
Let go, move on.

Life is in moving
It’s all about going
Stars glowing
Waters flowing
Plants growing
Winds rushing
Fields flowering
Deers running.


Life’s to live away
It’s to give away
Contribute some
Hoard none
It’s to forsake
It’s not to own
It’s not yours
But its own.

Life's for life’s sake
knowledge for its own sake
Learning to learn
And not to earn
Success to succeed
Not to achieve
Give and forgive
Not to receive.

Odd are the ways of life
Lose yourself to survive
Sweet is its secret
Live each moment
To die just once
By giving we receive
Not the reverse
Let go to rejoice’.

New life begins
After one ends,
New chapter opens
After one closes,
See a new sunrise
On same horizon
After the sun set,
Begin afresh move on!

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