Canvas That's Life

Wednesday 6 September 2017



Sometimes, I wonder what life is …………

Life was a paper boat
That would float,
That would sink
Just in a wink.
Running in the water channels,
Babbling with the bubbles,
Dancing in the currents
Dangling in the torrents,
Taking the wows inside
Leaving the reminiscences beside,
Splashing with the innocence
would vanish in a glance.

Life is a flying kite
Scaling new height
Soaring into heavens
Teaching new lessons,
Kissing the skyscrapers
Amazing the kite lovers
Even when tied with a string
Demanding to have a wing
Battling with the mighty winds
And challenging even the gods
Snapping with a flutter
Fighting until it is a winner.

Life is a book of ours
With smiles and scars,
With stories unwritten
And songs unsung,
Timid or bold
with tales untold,
Recording our own actions
Reflecting our own emotions
Gets our destiny written
making us our own god
and, if once written,
cannot be changed.

 - Poornima Singh


  1. Beautiful lines from core of your heart . Sometimes I also feel what is life it's so difficult to understand.just go on were it's takes now I feel.

    1. nice expression you can also try to express in poetry



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