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Saturday 2 September 2017

Teaching is a blessing

A blessing

Life is a vast sky
Filled with patches of dark clouds,
And I always strive
To get away with these clouds –
Clouds of doubts, clouds of fear,
Clouds of pain, clouds of failure.
They roam over me
They all surround me,
Their thunder scares
Their lightening fears,
They apprehend my soul
They rain upon my goal.

But, then there is lightening for a while
And I can see a rainbow of smile;
I heard a thunder of voice
I heard a roar of noise,
All the clouds burst with a whim wham
I am welcome with ‘Good Morning ma’am’.
My lips expand
Instantly I respond,
I switched on myself
To the world of giggles,
I promised to myself
To laugh with the babbles
And again become a child
And roam like a cloud wild.

When my class became boring
And some started snoring,
I laughed at myself
And went on ignoring,
Listening their silliest hows
Answering their strangest whos,
Playing in their games
Dancing to their themes,
All questions flew with the clouds.
But I have my doubts:
‘Am I worth it?
Am I really worth it?’

-  Poornima Singh

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