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Tuesday 8 September 2020

Children and Lockdown

Managing the Children in Lockdown

Children are like flowing waters, blooming buds and tender like young saplings. They need healthy atmosphere, natural conditions, loving care and emotional tending. In the times of crisis like the lock down due to COVID-19 these young buds should not wither or fade away. Just as young saplings and blooming buds need fresh air and loving care, the growing children need favourable environment and healthy atmosphere to groom, develop their inherent talent and master their creativity. Their tender minds need emotional bonding, psychological strength and a sense of security.

In such crisis our children may be reeling under unknown fear, tension, irritation and doubts and all these things may hinder their natural growth and all round development.

For the purpose the parents need to be responsible and take extra charge when the children are away from their schools, friends, relatives and other social bonds. 

They should involve the children in house hold works, play games with them and talk to them on various topics as well as help them learn the value of family and other relations. Also teach them what it means to be together, eat together and play together and how to celebrate life together.

We should make them water the plants in their homes simultaneously tell them the significance of nature. They should be taught how to take care of nature around them and value it.  

They should be taught to help their parents in their chores. Encourage them to help their siblings in their studies and assignments. Push them take care of their elders and grandparents which will in return make them inculcate good habits and nurture certain values like respect for the elderly and concern for them. This way they will learn life values and take advantage of their life long experience.

Parents need to talk to them in leisure time and discuss with them freely on various topics, current issues and areas of their interest. This will eventually help them recognise their indigenous talent and make their place in this competitive world.

Mothers may ask them to read holy books as well as they may read religious scriptures for them. It would help them know their roots and explore the mysteries of life, eventually they would get the answers to their ever puzzling questions.

Teachers play a vital role in the unhindered and natural growth of the children. Along with teaching them online, healthy discussions should also be held which would let them speak their minds and express their emotions. Get them involved in activities and creative ways without binding them in rules and conditions. Let them be themselves. Sometimes, they may seem to be too silly, however their expressions should not be suppressed.

They should feel that their parents, teachers and loved ones are there with them all the time. We all need to assure that they must not feel afraid and worried in such crisis as long as their parents, teachers and friends are around.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Success, Stress and Suicide

Success, Stress and Suicide

Gone are the days when people used to read Indian epics, Ramayan, Mahabharat and Gita and would chant proudly, “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma phaleshu Kadachana” which means “Perform your duties sincerely and never seek their rewards”.  Now a days, the first thing that the people do is to set the targets and returns and then set out for any venture.

Gone are the days when India used to be regarded as the centre of peace and harmony, abode of learning and spiritual advancement and destination of culture and heritage. Ironically, now India is becoming the capital of suicide, rape and corruption. In the 21 century, suicide is the third highest reason of deaths after diseases and accidents especially among the age group of 15 – 39 years and 14% of global suicides occur in India. It pains me to analyse that the greatest reason behind this degradation is stress, insecurity, disappointment and dissatisfaction. Now, contentment is not considered to be the greatest wealth. Recently the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shaken the entire nation and we all are forced to ponder over the real meaning of success.

In this materialistic world the worth of certain product or creation is measured in terms of money, success and fame or if I would say in the language of digital generation (Gen Z), it is measured in the terms of likes, shares, followers and TRPs. Sadly, the worth of work has lost its meaning. Now, everyone is in the mad race of proving himself or herself and that too in terms of data and figures. This craziness leads to disappointment, dissatisfaction, pressure, anxiety and hypertension.

Kahlil Gibran has expounded the meaning of life so beautifully, “Your children are not your children, they are the life’s longing for itself”. Life is to be lived, and not to be wasted and abused by committing suicide. Live life for the sake of life itself, and not for achievements, perform your duty for the sake of duty, not for rewards and most importantly learn for the sake of learning, not for earning. Life is a beautiful gift of Almighty, receive it with gratitude and spend it to fulfil the purpose with which you are created by God. In the words of Mark Twain, “Two days are most important in your life, the day when you are born and the day when you get to know why.”  Once, you are able to find the purpose of your life, no other reward can lure you. The purpose of your life itself will become the greatest reward and the highest achievement. It would become the substitute for happiness and contentment.

We should lead a meaningful and purposeful life which should be governed by ‘dharma’ and ‘karma’ -  two important elements for a successful and blessed life. These two elements are explicitly delineated in Indian epics and scriptures. If we read them, our heart won’t be tossed in the winds of dilemma and disappointment and clear stream of reason would sanctify our mind. Then, the meaning of success will change. The idea of success is completely different from what we have perceived. The sutra of success lies in being happy, and not the vice versa. ( Mantra of happiness doesn’t lie in being successful. )

Follow your DHARMA and perform your KARMA and leave the rest to the Almighty. Your life will never disappoint you and you would be able to see that human is the noblest creation of God. You are born to perform for higher purposes, not for petty achievements and monetary rewards.

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Tuesday 2 June 2020


Let It Go

The grains of sand
Glittering in my hand
As I held tight,
Sparkled bright
Bidding me goodbye
Slipped from my finger
With a twinkle in the eye,
Could clinch no longer.

Smiling secretly
Said to me slyly,
‘Let it go,
Just let it go.
Life is not to hold
Show must go on.
Be little bold
Let go, move on.

Life is in moving
It’s all about going
Stars glowing
Waters flowing
Plants growing
Winds rushing
Fields flowering
Deers running.


Life’s to live away
It’s to give away
Contribute some
Hoard none
It’s to forsake
It’s not to own
It’s not yours
But its own.

Life's for life’s sake
knowledge for its own sake
Learning to learn
And not to earn
Success to succeed
Not to achieve
Give and forgive
Not to receive.

Odd are the ways of life
Lose yourself to survive
Sweet is its secret
Live each moment
To die just once
By giving we receive
Not the reverse
Let go to rejoice’.

New life begins
After one ends,
New chapter opens
After one closes,
See a new sunrise
On same horizon
After the sun set,
Begin afresh move on!

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Monday 1 June 2020

Wild Wind

Wild  Wind 

From miles to miles
The wind blew wild,
Rushed in the streets
Like a carefree child.
Rustling through the green
Whispered a secret mild,
‘No one dares stop me
I ride on a horse wild.

Riding the green
No barriers for me,
Know no fear
Sky is for me,
Riding the blue
Horizons for me,
Ride on me, I’ll take
You to your destiny.

Fly with your dreams
Free will be your fire,
Passion fuels the pace
For the weak is the ire,
Pace runs through life
Pause is the death fire.
Take your own course,
Follow heart’s desire.'

Monday 23 March 2020

Battling against Corona

Hark the Warning Bell!

Shh………  Listen what life is trying to tell us all. But to listen what Life tries to tell we don’t require to use these mortal ears. Listen this warning using your heart with reasoning power and sensibility coupled with sensitivity.  Today, all the medical advancements are facing a setback and technological progress stands defeated as the entire humanity is put to a halt… This all is happening due to Corona Crisis.

What is most threatening is the fact that the most developed countries are reeling under this crisis due to the sudden outbreak of COVID – 19 and even the super power of the world, USA is also feeling helpless against the fury of nature. Once again nature has proved itself more powerful making the mankind feel helpless and telling it to put brakes to the maddening rush and tumultuous life styles. Today, I aspire what Thomas Hardy has, in his ‘Far Far From Madding Crowd’

At this hour, simple solution is to take a break, pause a little, listen and understand what lesson Life is trying to teach us. Life is not a race to win, neither it is a trophy to achieve, nor a chance to satisfy our ego. Life is a beautiful gift to mankind by the Almighty. Accept it with gratitude and respect it with utmost sincerity. Now, nature is ringing a warning bell and asking us to stop…….., leaving all the worries of work, business, success, prosperity and stability.  A quiet retreat is what matters most in this situation. Now the question of life stands supreme and peaceful moments in life are the need of the hour. Suddenly the words of Pablo Neruda seem to be so true, “We will all keep still…… without rush, without engines… perhaps the earth can teach us.”  The sensitive people like poets and artists are always able to identify the warnings of nature and comprehend the lessons of life as they don’t use the mortal eyes and ears to comprehend these lessons but all their senses. If we use all our senses, we’ll clearly understand that life needs to be respected and lived in true sense.

This crisis of Corona is a medium through which we can pause little and meditate upon the quality of life that we are leading in the present time. Learn this important Lesson of Life - how to win this unusual battle against Corona peacefully, sweetly and gracefully. Taking a graceful retreat is more powerful weapon than attacking this strange enemy.  Now, we need to enjoy the bliss of life even if it is a forced home confinement. How ironical it is that we are not happy to be confined in our homes even to save ourselves. The Governments have to force us to do so. We aren’t happy either to work like machines without a pause. So how can we make ourselves happy? No one knows……..  no one can even tell us……. Sit back, pause and ponder over to find the answer or just enjoy the life you are put in and you will get the answer. 

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