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Monday 17 April 2017

Our world is the beautiful manifestation of God’s love to us

Dear All,
Our world is the beautiful manifestation of God’s love to us
This world is a troubled place. It has always been so. It has been torn apart by the evil forces of selfishness, pride, greed, power and materialism. It is a place where God has been forgotten, and our true nature has been forgotten. It is a place of competition and conflict, where we constantly solve the problems of our daily existence. It is a place where people seem foreign to one another, and foreign to themselves. It is wonderful but dangerous, beautiful but confusing. Still, there is a ray of hope among the dark clouds of despair and disappointment and that is God’s love, and that’s why we have come to the world.  
Everyone has been sent in this world, for a purpose. This purpose remains undiscovered, but we must find it, for that is the great pursuit in life. Beyond meeting our basic requirements to exist in this reality, we must find this purpose, for this is how God speaks to us, and this is how we will find our way in this confusing world.
God speaks to the world through a deeper Knowledge within the individual and through the power of our relationship with the universe. God’s love transcends the understanding of the people. We have to have a greater perspective in life and be much higher to see the revelation of God’s love and importance of our birth on this earth. ‘God designed human beings to reflect His very character—to be like Him. In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of Himself..., God created man in His own image having supreme power of loving, giving and forgiving’. “We love Him because He first loved us,” explains the apostle John in the Bible. God loved us and sent his Son on the earth. Clearly, it was God’s desire and plan to establish a relationship between human beings and Himself.

Our world is the beautiful manifestation of God’s love to us. When a flower blooms, the river flows or a bird sings, we must realise and experience that every entity of this universe loves us. Today if man is suffering in isolation, loneliness and depravity, it is because we fail to experience this manifestation of love in our lives. If we want to experience the bounties of love, we must keep in mind that love is not to be claimed; it is to be given away. Every entity of nature behaves this way. The river flows to give life, the trees grow to remove hunger, flowers bloom to spread happiness and so on. Love is a miracle which spreads after being shared. Spread this magic potion of love in this universe and make the mankind a true image of God. 
- Poornima Singh

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