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Monday 23 March 2020

Battling against Corona

Hark the Warning Bell!

Shh………  Listen what life is trying to tell us all. But to listen what Life tries to tell we don’t require to use these mortal ears. Listen this warning using your heart with reasoning power and sensibility coupled with sensitivity.  Today, all the medical advancements are facing a setback and technological progress stands defeated as the entire humanity is put to a halt… This all is happening due to Corona Crisis.

What is most threatening is the fact that the most developed countries are reeling under this crisis due to the sudden outbreak of COVID – 19 and even the super power of the world, USA is also feeling helpless against the fury of nature. Once again nature has proved itself more powerful making the mankind feel helpless and telling it to put brakes to the maddening rush and tumultuous life styles. Today, I aspire what Thomas Hardy has, in his ‘Far Far From Madding Crowd’

At this hour, simple solution is to take a break, pause a little, listen and understand what lesson Life is trying to teach us. Life is not a race to win, neither it is a trophy to achieve, nor a chance to satisfy our ego. Life is a beautiful gift to mankind by the Almighty. Accept it with gratitude and respect it with utmost sincerity. Now, nature is ringing a warning bell and asking us to stop…….., leaving all the worries of work, business, success, prosperity and stability.  A quiet retreat is what matters most in this situation. Now the question of life stands supreme and peaceful moments in life are the need of the hour. Suddenly the words of Pablo Neruda seem to be so true, “We will all keep still…… without rush, without engines… perhaps the earth can teach us.”  The sensitive people like poets and artists are always able to identify the warnings of nature and comprehend the lessons of life as they don’t use the mortal eyes and ears to comprehend these lessons but all their senses. If we use all our senses, we’ll clearly understand that life needs to be respected and lived in true sense.

This crisis of Corona is a medium through which we can pause little and meditate upon the quality of life that we are leading in the present time. Learn this important Lesson of Life - how to win this unusual battle against Corona peacefully, sweetly and gracefully. Taking a graceful retreat is more powerful weapon than attacking this strange enemy.  Now, we need to enjoy the bliss of life even if it is a forced home confinement. How ironical it is that we are not happy to be confined in our homes even to save ourselves. The Governments have to force us to do so. We aren’t happy either to work like machines without a pause. So how can we make ourselves happy? No one knows……..  no one can even tell us……. Sit back, pause and ponder over to find the answer or just enjoy the life you are put in and you will get the answer. 

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