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Sunday 14 January 2024



They called it foolish

I was ignorant

They called it immaturity

I was innocent

They called it outrage

When I raised a question

They called it childishness

When I put up a question

When I was being myself

They accused me arrogant

They called me wrong

When I tried to be different


They made me speak

When I wished to be quiet

When I wanted to express

They hushed me quiet

They made me cram

What I didn't understand

They called me naïve

When I didn’t understand


I was confused about each thing they told

I couldn't follow any thing that they told

They told me about their dreams,

Their failures, their narratives

They confessed their inferiority

And desired of my superiority

Why are they so confused,

 Impatient and obsessed?


I wish to be my own real self

Not the shadow of their dreams

I wished to get a chord

Which could connect the ends,

And could bridge the gap,

The deep trench between

There is love unexpressed

There is trust umpteen.

Sunday 15 January 2023

Sunday 25 December 2022

Merry Christmas

Sunday 11 December 2022

Happy Sunday

by Poornima Singh

Sunday 4 December 2022

How to do Meditation

Meditation to Show Gratitude

A beautiful and blessed morning to each one of you!

Sit straight and take a long deep breath and feel that you received a bunch of energy inside you. Now exhale very slowly experiencing enormous calm. Repeat this exercise and imagine that you are sitting in beautiful place surrounded by all the blessings of nature. With every breath that you inhale experience the aroma of fresh air, calm music of the flowing waters, morning melody of the birds and softness of lush green grass. With each breath that you exhale express gratitude to the Almighty who has bestowed us with bounties of nature that gives us life in form of ripe fruits, fresh water, air to breathe, plants and herbs. The current situation we are thrust in, is a blessing in disguise which has let the nature replenish itself and regain its vitality. Same we can do to our health, our relations, our thoughts and actions.
Every morning as you wake up look at your hands and say thanks for the million little things they do for you. Express gratitude to your parents for providing for a worthy and respectable life. Say ‘Thank you’ for countless blessing in your life in various and beautiful forms.
The best way to express gratitude is to bring a smile on somebody’s face, make someone happy. The happiness you receive in return is immeasurable. Begin your day saying ‘Thanks’ and go to bed saying ‘Thanks’  Have a beautiful day ahead.

by Poornima Singh

Meditation Video

Sunday 20 November 2022

Good morning

by Poornima Singh

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Life is beautiful

However, It's beautiful !

Strifes stopping way
Whirls not giving way
It's so very stressful,
However, it's beautiful.

I suffered huge loss
childhood reminiscent
unchecked youthful
However, it's beautiful.

Race isn't yet complete
Milestones yet to reach
A Journey worth repeat
Yes, sure it's beautiful.

                                                                       by Poornima Singh

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Happy Dussehra

Happy Vijaydashmi 



by Poornima Singh

Sunday 3 January 2021

We are Criminals

We are Criminals

We are criminals, aren’t we? Yes, indeed. We have committed a heinous crime, the gravest crime to this young generation and the coming generations.

We became so much obsessed in advancing on the path of progress and advancement and so much engrossed in amassing comforts in our life that we could hardly notice how and when we have exploited our resources beyond the limits of replenishment. We forgot that even the renewable resources need sufficient time to regenerate.

Our comforts slowly and steadily, became our bad habits and these habits became addiction fighting with which was impossible for us. Our comforts and luxuries became indispensable in our life and irresistible for us even when they posed a major threat to our environment and our own existence. ACs, vehicles, machines and apparatuses, industries and technology have become a threat to our existence causing global warming, creating industrial and e-waste resulting in air, water and land pollution. However dangerous it may become, people find themselves helpless to discontinue using them.

Our unquenchable thirst for progress has led us to the world of industrialization, urbanization and technological advancement. The children of this plastic age can’t see stars at night and clear sky in daytime. The young generation in the cities and towns aren’t able to see the sky from their apartments in towering buildings and homes in the narrow streets. They don’t have open space for playing around as they are pigeonholed eating dust and inhaling smoke in their overcrowded streets.

In this modern age the colonies and residential areas are beautifully lined by the attractive trees. But alas, the birds and butterflies don’t visit them, all thanks to the fast growing technological network and number of smartphones and other gadgets. Children wake up to notice scorching heat in summers and fog has transformed into smog during winters. Pleasant seasons in between have become a thing of past.

This is predicted that there will be no water by 2050. If this generation is breathing polluted air and drinking bottled water and the future generations will have to buy oxygen and water, who is at fault?

Since ages humans have enjoyed all the bounties of nature and all the blessings of life provided by Almighty. They had the blessing to bathe in holy rivers, swim in clear streams, count the shining stars in clear sky, run in the open fields, breathe in aromatic air, dance in the drizzling showers, meditate on the mountains, hunt in the forests and so on but what about our children and coming generation? Why are they not so fortunate?

Our parents and grandparents have enjoyed sailing paper boats in ponds or lakes in rainy seasons and riding on the backs of animals. They have experienced the joy of chasing butterflies to the other end, plucking mangoes or guavas from the orchards stealthily. Running to touch the horizon point and flying a kite on the open roof are merely dreams for the children of 21st century particularly, the children of cities and towns. What is their fault? They are paying for our sins, the crimes we have committed. If we wish to view a sunset point, stroll by the lakeside or ride a camel or elephant, now we have to plan a trip to a suitable destination. Now, if our children want to have a close look at nature, they can do so either in the poems of William Wordsworth or on the National Geographic Channel.

We have been far too selfish in satisfying our needs and amassing our comforts that we forget that this earth belongs to all the creatures equally. I would like to conclude with a beautiful thought, ‘we have not received this earth from our ancestors, but have borrowed it from our children’. Hence, it needs to be kept secure with us and transferred to them as a legacy.


Tuesday 8 September 2020

Children and Lockdown

Managing the Children in Lockdown

Children are like flowing waters, blooming buds and tender like young saplings. They need healthy atmosphere, natural conditions, loving care and emotional tending. In the times of crisis like the lock down due to COVID-19 these young buds should not wither or fade away. Just as young saplings and blooming buds need fresh air and loving care, the growing children need favourable environment and healthy atmosphere to groom, develop their inherent talent and master their creativity. Their tender minds need emotional bonding, psychological strength and a sense of security.

In such crisis our children may be reeling under unknown fear, tension, irritation and doubts and all these things may hinder their natural growth and all round development.

For the purpose the parents need to be responsible and take extra charge when the children are away from their schools, friends, relatives and other social bonds. 

They should involve the children in house hold works, play games with them and talk to them on various topics as well as help them learn the value of family and other relations. Also teach them what it means to be together, eat together and play together and how to celebrate life together.

We should make them water the plants in their homes simultaneously tell them the significance of nature. They should be taught how to take care of nature around them and value it.  

They should be taught to help their parents in their chores. Encourage them to help their siblings in their studies and assignments. Push them take care of their elders and grandparents which will in return make them inculcate good habits and nurture certain values like respect for the elderly and concern for them. This way they will learn life values and take advantage of their life long experience.

Parents need to talk to them in leisure time and discuss with them freely on various topics, current issues and areas of their interest. This will eventually help them recognise their indigenous talent and make their place in this competitive world.

Mothers may ask them to read holy books as well as they may read religious scriptures for them. It would help them know their roots and explore the mysteries of life, eventually they would get the answers to their ever puzzling questions.

Teachers play a vital role in the unhindered and natural growth of the children. Along with teaching them online, healthy discussions should also be held which would let them speak their minds and express their emotions. Get them involved in activities and creative ways without binding them in rules and conditions. Let them be themselves. Sometimes, they may seem to be too silly, however their expressions should not be suppressed.

They should feel that their parents, teachers and loved ones are there with them all the time. We all need to assure that they must not feel afraid and worried in such crisis as long as their parents, teachers and friends are around.


They They called it foolish I was ignorant They called it immaturity I was innocent They called it outrage When I raised a quest...