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Thursday 19 April 2018

Man is a natural product

Man is Nature's Product

Man is a part of nature which is a beautiful and phenomenal manifestation of God’s designs. Everything in nature behaves in its own way    the way it is created by God.  It is nature of water to flow down wherever it finds way. It originates on the lofty mountains and flows down to the deepest point it gets. Smoke that takes birth on ground goes high in the sky. The clouds float in the atmosphere. Seeds germinate under earth and sprout out to take the form of a tall tree. Every entity in the universe behaves in its peculiar fashion.
Man also, being a part of nature, tends to behave the way God has created him.  God has created man to love, to give and to forgive that’s why he is happy when he loves, gives and forgives. If you hate someone, you will be more sorrowful and morose than the person whom you hate. The other person may not be affected or saddened as he doesn’t have anything in his heart. Human heart is just like a blossom which blooms fairly in clean atmosphere and healthy conditions. Our heart stays happy and healthy in the clean air of loving and positive emotions. You can never be happy, peaceful and satisfied if you have had a fight with someone and still keep anger for him even if you have given him two blows in return of one. Think of it when you are going through such moments, you will get the answer.
Example is better than precept. Let me discuss it further with an example. A bottle is created to store water. If you don’t fill it with water, what does happen? Air takes place. But, the bottle is created to keep water in it. Fill the water or some other substance, which is important and meaningful for the bottle, air will go out automatically.
Man is also like a bottle. He is created to perform some meaningful and important task. If he is not involved in any meaningful, important and useful works, wasteful ideas or negative thoughts may take place. Here the saying ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’ that I heard in my childhood, goes well. Negative thoughts are very powerful and obstinate. They can’t be removed easily just like the air in an empty bottle. You can’t simply take the air out. Very simple and easy way to remove air is to fill the bottle with water and air will leave the space itself. The same applies with us. Extracting negative thoughts from your mind is not an easy task. The better way is to fill your mind with positive thoughts by engaging yourselves in meaningful and important purposes. The airy things will disappear themselves.
Understand the designs of God and know the purpose for what you are created and sent on this earth. Involve yourselves with meaningful tasks and you will get to know why you are sent on the earth and serve the purpose with which you are created by God.

by Poornima Singh

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